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February's Featured Roaster: Proyecto Díaz

February 02, 2017

Proyecto Díaz Coffee initially started in Oakland, CA with the goal of reviving and rebuilding the Díaz family farm in Oaxaca, Mexico.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, Proyecto Díaz was able to start roasting all their coffees in-house, and sourcing green coffee beans directly from the source.  Their current mission?  Rebuilding one coffee farm at a time.

We just got our first shipment of Proyecto Díaz coffee and OMG this box smells unbelievable.  I smell fresh coffee, cocoa, vanilla, and light fruit.  Fernando Díaz, company founder and "Captain of Caffeinated Chaos" included a hand written thank you note with the order that put a smile on our faces.  We love the warm, family vibe this company exudes almost as much as we love their smooth, flavorful coffees.

This month we are featuring Proyecto Díaz's El Corazón espresso blend and Bella Carmona Guatemala origin coffee in our "Be My Valentine" themed boxes.  Because you should always share your corazón with your Valentine.


Robyn H. Lundin, CEO