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Our Partners

We seek out small, conscientious companies who are as dedicated to responsible business practices as they are to their respective crafts.

1804 Coffee: These roasters are working with the Haitian coffee farming industry to promote growth and economic stability, and we lucky coffee consumers get to reap the delicious benefits.

Adagio Tea: Adagio has a stellar selection of teas, and we love their Roots Campaign that is all about meeting and supporting tea farmers around the world. 

Askinosie: An outstanding bean to bar chocolate maker that practices direct trade with cacao farmers to ensure both product quality and social responsibility.

Amano: Their award winning chocolate combines amazing cacao with innovative ingredients.  Amano also utilizes fair trade practices with its cacao farmers.

Bee Raw Honey: 100% raw honey and unique, rare varietals, and ethical bee keeping practices make Bee Raw a great addition to Nöje's marketplace.  They also have a "save the bees" fund dedicated to researching colony collapse disorder.

Cacao Prieto: Daniel Prieto Preston, an inventor and aerospace engineer, founded Cacao Prieto and uses cacao from his family's farm (Coralina Farms) in the Dominican Republic in all his creations.  Coralina Farms also experiments in self-sustainable and novel organic farming methods.

Craft & Mason Coffee Co: A pair of coffee lovers became coffee crafters to found Craft & Mason Coffee.  Featured in Thrillist and finalists in the Good Food Awards, Craft & Mason is forging their way into the growing craft coffee scene with gusto.

Dick Taylor: Chocolate Makers Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor transitioned from building furniture and wooden boats to crafting delicious chocolate from bean to bar.  Dick Taylor Chocolate features organic cacao from around the world, and focuses on processing their chocolate carefully enough that they do not have to include extra additives to make fantastic chocolate bars.

Fruition: Extraordinary bean to bar chocolate, unique flavors, and fair trade, organic cacao.  We are beyond happy to call Fruition a partner.

Mikolich Honey: These San Diego bee farmers offer different varieties of 100% raw honey depending on the season and climate.  They are also committed to helping research Colony Collapse Disorder, and have donated hives to UCSD to aid in their search for a solution.

Modern Times: You may know Modern Times for their craft beers, but did you know they make incredible craft coffee as well?  They first started roasting coffee to put into their beers, and continued to create innovative roasts.

OmNom ChocolateLocated in Reykjavík, OmNom was Iceland's first bean to bar chocolate maker.  In addition to producing outstanding chocolate, OmNom wraps every chocolate bar by hand in wrappers designed by South African artist André Úlfur Visage.

Onyx Coffee Lab: Owners Jon and Andrea call their coffee roasting process "seed to cup".  Onyx Coffee Lab's dedication to ethical sourcing, organic practices, and artful hand roasting is truly impressive. 

Pacari: This chocolate maker creates fantastic bars using all organic cacao in Ecuador.  Pacari practices direct trade with cacao farmers, and produces chocolate that embodies Nöje's values of food as an experience.

Raaka: Raaka produces chocolate bars using "virgin cacao".  This means the cacao is not roasted prior to becoming a chocolate bar, and creates a totally unique, smooth flavor.

Ritual: These exceptional bean to bar chocolate makers focus on celebrating the complexity of the cacao bean.  Their single origin bars contain only two ingredients - cacao, and organic cane sugar - which highlights the different flavor profiles of each cacao growing region.

Screaming Beans: The coffee roasting experts at Screaming Beans visit coffee plantations themselves to choose the best crops and to ensure farmers receive fair prices in return for their dedication to quality.  This Amsterdam roaster is a neighborhood gem with a lot of heart.

Teadonna: This tea maker creates remarkable tea blends that cater to any mood you may encounter throughout the day.  Teadonna also donates a portion of proceeds to Grandma's House of Hope, a charity that provides programs and services to empower women in need of help.

Teapigs: Founders Nick and Louise started teapigs to encourage people to drink real tea - meaning whole leaf tea, herbs, and flowers.  Their teas come in biodegradable tea temples for easy consumption and maximum flavor.

Twenty-Four Blackbirds: Founder Mike Orlando started Twenty-Four Blackbirds in his kitchen with "a pound of cocoa beans, a juicer, and a toaster oven".  We love that this founder's passion and curiosity lead to a beautiful expression of bean-to-bar chocolate.