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December's Featured Coffee Roaster: Onyx Coffee

December 19, 2016

Fun fact - only a very small percentage of coffee roasters have direct trade practices in place for purchasing their coffee beans.  So it excites us when we get to work with a direct trade roaster like Onyx coffee.  For a farmer, direct trade usually ensures they receive better pay for all their hard work.  For a roaster, direct trade means more control over product quality.  And, for the consumer, direct trade means having the opportunity to purchase ethically procured and incredibly delicious coffee.

We originally found Onyx Coffee because all the bloggers we follow on Instagram kept talking them up.  When we reached out to ask if they'd like to join the Nöje family, they were so friendly and accommodating that we decided we just had to include them in our holiday offerings!  We've been drinking their espresso all week and it is just so creamy, thick and dreamy.  We're almost sold out of Onyx coffee, so jump on an order ASAP if you'd like to try them this month, but if you miss the boat don't worry, we'll definitely bring this roaster around again soon!


Robyn Hartung, CEO