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January's Box Theme: New Year's Resolutions!

January 04, 2017

We have officially embarked into the year 2017, and I'm sure many of you out there have set some New Years Resolutions.  If your resolution was to eat more fruits and vegetables, fear not, Nöje has your back!  Did you know that coffee beans and cacao plants are technically fruits?  With that in mind, we set out to give you some of our favorite fruit-forward flavors in January's boxes.  Below, you'll find descriptions of the products you'll find in your January subscriptions.

Pairing Box: We recommend enjoying the goodies in January's box in the following order; first, tear open Pacari 60% dark lemongrass chocolate and drizzle some Mikolich Orange Blossom Honey onto the chocolate squares as you eat.  Next, steep a cup of Teadonna Identi-Tea herbal tea.  The rosy, fruity flavors in your herbal tea will be a perfect companion to Cacao Prieto Mandarin Bergamot 72% dark chocolate.  Last, make yourself a pour-over with Craft & Mason's Colombia Pedro Gamboa, and open your Askinosie 72% Tanzania dark chocolate.  We all know coffee and dark chocolate are great together, but this pairing is special because of the subtle sweet cherry notes found in both of these particular products.

Coffee & Chocolate Box: This more compact version of the pairing box contains only coffee and chocolate.  From Craft & Mason, you'll receive either their Colombia Pedro Gamboa coffee roast, or their seasonal Ransom Espresso.  To pair with your coffee, we've included Cacao Prieto 72% Mandarin and Bergamot Dark Chocolate, and Askinosie 72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate.

Tea, Chocolate & Honey Box: Not a coffee person?  This box is for you, tea lover.  For January, you'll get Teadonna's Identi-Tea Herbal Tea, Mikolich Raw Orange Blossom Honey, and Pacari 60% Dark Lemongrass chocolate.  This box is truly an herbal, fruity treat.

Sweet Chocolate Box: Have you ever said "give me the chocolate and no one gets hurt"?  Yeah, us too.  Dive into this month's box headfirst with Pacari 60% Dark Lemongrass Chocolate, Cacao Prieto 72% Dark Mandarin & Bergamot chocolate, Askinosie 72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate, and Fruition 76% Dark Marañon chocolate.

Snag one of these delicious January boxes and cross "eat more fruits and vegetables" off your New Year's resolution list.  And, if you subscribe to a monthly box, you can keep up with your resolution all year!


Robyn Hartung, CEO