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January's Featured Roaster: Craft & Mason

January 06, 2017

Eric Craft and Jeremy Mason started Craft & Mason coffee because they believed Lansing, Michigan deserved special coffee.  Their passion for coffee started with roasting their own personal batches.  Their experience with coffee roasting didn't include traditional training, but with the buzz they're generating it appears no traditional training was needed.  Thrillist listed Craft & Mason as one of the top 15 best new roasters in 2014. and they're finalists in 2017's Good Food Awards!

Craft & Mason coffee embodies the values of the slow food movement, prioritizing details over speed and efficiency.  The founders also are dedicated to transparency in their processes.  They believe the customer should know exactly where their beans came from, and how they were processed and handled.  This is evident from the descriptions accompanying all their coffees on the Craft & Mason website, as well as their packaging.

We chose to feature Craft & Mason this month because above all they are all about respecting coffee farmers for the hard work they do.  Like Nöje's other featured artisans, Craft & Mason prioritizes social responsibility in their business model, and we applaud them for their dedication.

This month, enjoy Craft & Mason coffee by itself, or receive one of their coffees as a part of one of Nöje's pairing boxes.  We know you'll love their beans as much as we do.


Robyn Hartung, CEO