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March Box Theme: Goodbye to Winter!

March 07, 2017

Monday March 20th marks the start of the Spring equinox this year, so this month Nöje will say farewell to Winter by celebrating some of our favorite Winter flavors.  We're talking about the rich, sweet, spiced, and deep flavors that are characteristic of foods we love during the cooler months.  Winter tastes like bourbon, chai tea, and spiced caramel.  This month's selections will keep you warm and toasty as we push through the last few weeks of Winter.

Pairing Box: You will receive an 8 oz bottle of Dona Chai natural chai tea concentrate to create the perfect chai, or to add some chai flavor to a cocktail!  Next up is Om Nom spiced white + caramel with a perfect creamy, crisp texture.  Modern Times highly rated Black House coffee or Guardian Spirit espresso will warm your soul as you bite into Fruition Hudson Valley Bourbon dark milk and Dick Taylor Ginger Snaps chocolate bars.  This month's special item is P.O.P. Candy's Rum y Vanilla butter crunch candy.  It will make your mouth say "mmmmmmmm"!

Coffee + Chocolate Box: Cozy up to the fireplace with Modern Times Black House coffee or Guardian Spirit espresso.  Tear open your Fruition Hudson Valley Bourbon dark milk and Dick Taylor Ginger Snaps chocolate bars.  We won't judge you if you eat them all in one sitting.

Tea + Chocolate Box: Dona Chai's natural chai tea concentrate is versatile enough to consume hot or cold.  Add your favorite variety of milk or nut milk and either heat your beverage up or pour it over ice.  Maybe add some bourbon for a nightcap.  Grab your Om Nom Spiced White + Caramel and Fruition Hudson Valley Bourbon dark milk chocolate bars.  Sample each as you sip and choose which flavor pairing you like best.

Tea + Chocolate + Surprise Box: You'll get almost the same combo as the Tea + Chocolate Box, but swap out the Om Nom Spiced White + Caramel bar for some delicious P.O.P. Rum Y Vanilla Butter Crunch candy.  This combo is great for those who enjoy boozy flavors with their sweets!

Sweet Chocolate Box: You were the kid that hid chocolate stashes around the house, weren't you?  Yeah, us, too.  We've grown into the adults that hide chocolate stashes in the office.  This month you will receive Om Nom's Spiced White and Caramel, Ritual's Novo Coffee Anyetsu, Fruition Hudson Valley Bourbon Dark Milk, and Dick Taylor's Ginger Snaps.  Only the best to satisfy your inner child!

Well, Winter, it's been real.  We'll miss your warm flavors, but not your chilly weather.


Robyn H. Lundin, CEO