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The Story Behind our Featured November Roaster: 1804 Coffee

November 08, 2016

1804 Coffee's motto is "Drink the same coffee George Washington drank!"  Based on their motto, we could not think of a more fitting roaster to feature in November, the month that boasts both Thanksgiving and Election day in the U.S.  But we wanted to dive a bit deeper into why that's their motto, so we did a little research.

When I first heard 1804 coffee is made with Arabica beans grown in Haiti, I thought "I've never heard of Haitian coffee, how interesting".  Haiti used to be a French colony, but in the year 1804 gained their independence, and the country's coveted coffee beans were a large part of what funded said independence.  When America's founding fathers were alive, Haiti was the United States' main supplier of coffee.

So, what happened?  Haitian dictatorships made it more difficult and dangerous for coffee farmers to grow and sell their products and then in the mid 1990's the United States placed an embargo on Haitian goods in protest of the dictatorship.  Many Haitian farmers burned their coffee trees in order to make charcoal to sell at local markets just to survive.

Since the mid 2000's, USAID and coffee roasters much like 1804 coffee have taken interest in reviving the Haitian coffee scene.  And after tasting the nutty, sweet flavors in 1804's Pine Fore coffee, we're so glad they did!  Check them out in our November pairing box, or in our filter roast coffee subscription.

Bon Appetit,

Robyn Hartung, CEO